The PowerBlaster has been a big hit with our NFL and college football players.

It allows us the freedom, motion and through different planes of motion to create functional exercises for our athletes. They feel challenged by the PowerBlaster in ways they have NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE!!

The PowerBlaster is a must buy for your sports performance program. The ways to use it are endless!! I highly recommend this product!!

Brett Fischer - PT, ATC, CSCS
Owner and Director of Fischer Sports
Phoenix, Arizona

Brett is a Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has worked with the University of Florida, New York Jets, PGA & Senior Tour and Chicago Cubs. He has served as a consultant to the San Francisco Giants and currently provides training and treatment to MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA athletes. Brett's expertise has led to national speaking engagements, television and radio appearances and mention in ESPN the Magazine.

The PowerBlaster is an awesome product. It is Full-body and full-motion workout in less than 2 hours incorporating athletic moves for sport specific training. It is a MUST HAVE for our athletes. It incorporates and engages all the muscles in the body in a way that produces greater athleticism in power, strength, speed and agility. It is a great complement and necessary element to add to isolation workout programs typically used at the high school and collegiate strength and conditioning programs.

All of our athletes saw dramatic, quick and measurable results in their testing results used to recruit college athletes after using the PowerBlaster. We never saw these gains at such a rapid rate prior to using the product.

I absolutely recommend this product! Again, it is something we simply cannot do without.

Coach Ryan Mullaney - ex-NFL Athlete
Offensive Coordinator Cole College
Owner and Director TMB Athletes
Denver, Colorado

Coach Mullaney has been a Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator and position coach at all positions except Corner Back and Wide Receiver. He has placed over 150 athletes at collegiate football programs and dozens in other sports including Lacrosse, Women's basketball, Men's basketball and baseball. Coach Mullaney has trained and coached literally thousands of athletes in his career and remains one of the best in the business.

As a High School coach for over 21 years, I have found that the versatility of the Power Blasters PB allows me to develop sport specific programs with different exercises for all 20 teams I train without needing separate pieces of equipment for each sport.

The Power Blaster PB is the one tool I can use in the off season to work with my lineman. Research has shown the importance and need for off season training for lineman and now I have the ability to select a wide variety of exercises and drills for them.

Patrick McHenry MA, CSCS*D
Head Strength Coach
Castle View High School
Castle Rock CO

Brett Fischer

Brett Fischer
Owner and Director of Fischer Sports

Ryan Mullaney

Coach Ryan Mullaney
Founder of TMB Athletes

Patric Mc Henry

NSCA 2005
High School Coach of the Year