PowerBlaster Platinum

Priced at $1,250.00

Why limit the benefits of strength training to the weight room. The PowerBlaster Platinum offers all the benefits of a traditional conditioning sled plus the full benefits of the original PowerBlaster Silver. Having this PowerBlaster Platinum available on the field allows coaches and athletes the opportunity to perform a variety of strength and conditioning exercises outdoors.

The PowerBlaster Platinum is tough and durable and can withstand almost all outdoor conditions.

Features include Heavy 3"x3" sled legs with 2"x4" cross member support bars. Outdoor powder coat frame finish and chrome bar plating*.

The PowerBlaster Platinum is built to last and also includes 3 unique upgrade packages.

Pull-up bar option: Get even more out of your PowerBlaster with the Pull-up Bar add-on included with the purchase of the Platinum edition. This allows for pull-up/chin-up routines or strap on TRX Bands for even more versatility. Your PowerBlaster is now a jungle gym!

Push/Pull option: The PowerBlaster Platinum comes with two (2) zinc coated Push Bars and Eye-Bolt. Transform your PowerBlaster into the hottest weight sled available!

Resistance Band option: Now included with your PowerBlaster Platinum are Resistance Bands for a more dynamic workout. Resistance bands offer a perfect solution for younger more novice athletes, while adding value for more experienced athletes. Bands offer 3 different resistance levels. Work out with the PowerBlaster Platinum using one level of resistance, or add even greater resistance with the inclusion of all resistances at the same time!

110 lbs. shipping weight             Shipment methods: FedEx                       
                                            (Next day delivery available at additional charges)

*weights not included

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