PowerBlaster Silver

Priced at $999.00

The PowerBlaster Silver is what started the revolution of blending free weight movements with machine safety. Light weight, but strong. PowerBlaster Silver can accommodate up to (3) 45 lb olympic plates on each bar. PowerBlaster Silver has an incredibly small foot print 3 x 4 ft base. With its unique patent pending movement system, PowerBlaster Silver allows athletes to perform over 30 different power, explosive and rotational exercises on one piece of equipment.

Standard features include 2"x2" running frames with 2"x4" cross member support. Patent pending CNC machined pivot movement system allows smooth and consistent bar movement for all exercises.

Powder coated frame and chrome plated bars give lasting and commercial durable finishes. Each PowerBlaster Silver comes ready to assemble. Convenient bar storage holders and weight plate storage bars are included with each PowerBlaster Silver*.

100 lbs. shipping weight               Shipment methods: FedEx                       
                                            (Next day delivery available at additional charges)

*weights not included

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