Our Friends

Zybek Sports
Zybek Sports is a leading supplier of athletic testing equipment & devices for sport specific conditioning and for standardized talent identification. Our products are used by schools, colleges & universities, professional teams, clubs, training organizations and talent identification programs.

Atlas Gene - Genetic Testing
ATLAS™ stands for Athletic Talent Laboratory Analysis System and is a leading edge athletic talent identification test that uses enhanced DNA analysis to identify those athletes that are genetically predisposed to either speed/power or endurance characteristics. Through the analysis of a specific DNA gene called ACTN3, the SportGene® Test developed by Genetic Technologies in Australia, is now available in the United States through Atlas Sports Genetics and EPIC Athletic Performance.

Epic Athletic Performance
EPIC Athletic Performance, Inc. is a Colorado Corporation geared to help coaches and athletes measure and improve athletic performance. Between 1969 and 2003 thousands of high school and college programs worldwide benefited from the Husker Power program at the University of Nebraska. At that time Husker Power was recognized as the most successful strength and conditioning program in history. These former Husker Power Products are now EPIC products and not a part of or endorsed by the University of Nebraska. EPIC is proud to offer these unedited versions of the Husker Power program exactly as they were printed. Also enjoy many new EPIC products to improve performance such as the Building Linemen and Jump Higher books.

Boyd Epley
Boyd's career has been dedicated to helping athletes improve performance. Along the way he has developed several products that make a difference for the coach and athlete. As a result many programs achieved success.

Sullivan Proformance
Sullivan PROformance provides year-round sports training for all levels and ages. PROformance programs are custom designed either individually or for a group setting for all levels of sports. PROformance programs will enhance athletic skill development through creativity, technique and speed.

Fischer Sports
Fischer Sports is a state-of-the-art Physical Therapy and Conditioning center located in Phoenix, Arizona. We treat patients of all ages and stages of life for all types of orthopedic injuries and train athletes of all skill levels. Fischer Sports utilizes a fully comprehensive and innovative method to attain each individual's goals. We approach training and treatment from a total body, functional viewpoint. Our professional and experienced medical staff recovers and resolves the source of dysfunction and pain, not just the symptoms.

TMB Athletes
TMB Athletes is a company founded on the principles of a fighter's mentality. Confident. Tough. Tireless. Relentless. Humble. Intense. Driven. Aggressive. We develop athletes academically, physically, and mentally with this fighter's mentality. Work each area thoroughly, defeat every challenge placed in front of the athlete, and walk away a champion when it's all said and done.

Total Performance
Total Performance Inc. is the leader in manufacturing and delivering state of the art training equipment for swim teams and clubs both nationally and internationally